This Light Bulb Camera Is Selling Out Every Week! We Got One To Test And See Why!

By Peter Newsome - September 15, 2022
in Home Tech

Here Are The Mind Blowing Results...

A home burglary happens about every 18 seconds in the US. That number means approximately 4,800 incidences each day! Experts are warning, getting a home video security system helps reduce the chance of being a burglary victim by 60%!

However, while some home security systems protecting you from getting robbed, they’re figuratively robbing you. It can be COSTLY to purchase cameras and pay for ongoing storage fees.

We lost count of the number of requests we got to review this device recently. Defend Safety has racked up thousands of glowing customer reviews online, with users raving over full performance and price. It definitely got us interested, but we held back judgment until our resident expert tested the product in full. 

Well… now we have – and it’s worth the wait!

Meet The Next Generation Of Security Device

It’s called the Lightbulb Security Camera, up to now the smartest yet the most convenient and trustworthy home security device on the market.

It’s small, compact and very unassuming. Ultra-crisp 1080P lens with 360°panoramic infrared, white lights support better night vision, two way audio, blaring alarms to scare away intruders and Auto Tracking functions guard your home and keep an eye for you 24/7!

Best part of all, it’s install is just as easy and quick as screwing a bulb into any socket!

It doesn’t require wires or batteries to operate, and it’s extremely portable. All you need to do is connect it to your phone, plug it in any normal light socket, and monitor what’s happening real-time!

With no installation costs, no maintenance costs and no monthly cloud storage fees – you will save a bundle this year.

Reliable Camera With Motion Detection Alert…

Every security camera is vulnerable so that is why we wanted to check the camera quality and how it captures every detail on the first go. We set up this on the porch of our home for that and the result was incredible.

We observed that this device is enough for a specific area because of its 360-degree panoramic camera. It also has 1080p HD quality so almost everything is crystal clear.

We tested the motion detection and that was mind-blowing. It records what’s going on and it can follow the movement as well because of its strong rotation power. The cool part is it will alert you every single time when there is a motion in that particular area.

That means you can be the James Bond of your home/office and have all the information on your one hand and also on the other hand you can safely enjoy your cup of coffee anywhere in the world.

And that is not it, we have got tonnes of jaw-dropping results…

More Test Results…

 Wifi-Enabled Smart Technology

The setup of this security camera could not have been simpler. You just need to plug it with the socket and connect to the wifi and you are done. At a point in time, we were lacking the wifi speed so we connected with a mobile hotspot, and shockingly it was working as same as before. 

  Captures Relevant Audio & Video 24/7

We observed a lot of fast motion with this defend safety, and It never failed to capture the relevant video and audio even in the night vision with 24/7 continuous monitoring support. And after all the events we were getting a real-time notification on our phone every time there was a motion in the area.

  Works As A Spy Camera

As it is named a light bulb security camera you can easily plug it like a light bulb and it would be completely untraceable. So it can work as a spy camera too and will update you without getting noticed by anyone. We kept the camera for so long to test and experiment and we can proudly say that anyone barely noticed its existence.

  Weatherproof Technology

As the price was so low, we were curious about the quality. An outdoor camera should be weatherproof otherwise it can stop working after some days. But we saw the weather was changing and Defend safety continuously maintained the quality of the recordings and upheld what it claims.

  Secures Home Inside & Out

We set up another defend safety inside our home to test the power and the camera quality was amazing just as before. We have a cute dog in the room and we were observing its movement through our smartphone and we could notice every detail. If anybody has babies or seniors or pets like us to continuously look after, the best thing you can do is to set up a defend safety immediately.

One thing is for certain, once you try the Lightbulb Security Camera, you will want to tell your friends and family about it!

Some Questions We've Had 

Q: Does it require batteries to operate?

No! The Lightbulb Security Camera fits into your current light socket at home or office and draws power just like a regular bulb.

Q: What do I get in a package?

A 100% cordless light bulb security camera, a screw package, and a manual.

24/7 Customer Support...

Defend Safety offers round-the-clock customer service for all customers, which is above and beyond what most companies are able to deliver. In addition, they have a CAST-IRON money-back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, you can send the device back within 30 days for a full, no-fuss refund. We really value service like this for our readers.

Where To Buy...

No other light bulb camera we tested was able to match Defend Safety on high-end security, ease of use… or price! In our opinion, this is a no-brainer and a key reason why Defend Safety gets our top marks. And to be honest we'd put this device at the very top of our list even at its regular price of $98 – it's that good. But for those reading this right now, the news gets even better…

Currently, Defend Safety is running a limited 50% discount on their website, taking the price down to just $49, which has resulted in an incredible rise in demand.

To take advantage of their special offer while stock is still available, visit their official website, and say goodbye to security issues today.


Kaitlyn LaBove

Works great. Got it to watch the puppies while I'm at work. Needed one with a speaker and no batteries. Found this one while I was looking and I'm happy with it.

ruby hernandez

Great product! I don't have to drill a hole my door and I can talk to the person outside without having to open my door. Three is as a light when I come home at night. I can turn it on from my car and have light at doorway. Put them all together and that makes a great product!

C smith

alerts can be set automatically so you are always aware of who and what is "out there!".

Brandon e.

A great investment for home security.

Connie M.

Day 1 of owning this little camera and I'm definitely impressed. Easy to set up and connect. Image quality is great. Even the night vision is pretty sharp.

Theresa Routh

The night vision is astounding... we sit on a hill so it's a total equivalent of 3 stories and it is amazing video quality down to the street on the side of my house. It pans to the left and right, up and down, has motion tracking that works flawlessly. This purchase has a lot of value to it!

richard curti

Has a very clear picture. Even when I zoom in. Motion tracking is actually bad A$$! Turns anywhere I want it to. So far no complaints. Better than my $1000 dollar system. 🤷‍♂️Just get it and try it out. You can thank me later.

1 Std.LikeReply
Amber L.

I didnt have high expectations given the low price, so I was surprisingly impressed. It connects fast and easy (and I'm by no means an IT expert--just follow the instructions!). The picture quality is decent for the price you pay. 

1 Std.LikeReply
Larouche Janick

It certainly is an upgrade from the last light bulb camera I had.

1 Std.LikeReply

We bought 4 of these to put all over the outside of our house. I love them. They are easy to use and easy to install. I am going to purchase more for my Brother.

2 Std.LikeReply
H. Gibbs

Over all this is a great product I like everything about it .. but for some reason it stopped working one day .. I reached out to the company and they refunded my money no question asked .. great company.. I ordered a new bulb thank u ..

2 Std.LikeReply
Larouche Janick

I recommend these cameras to anyone. I bought them to keep an eye on my teenage kids when I'm not at home. Picture quilty is great. Easy to set up as well.

3 Std.LikeReply

Work good could be better at night vision motion detector work great use it for when I go away from home to keep a eye on my disabled wife

4 Std.LikeReply
Judy M.

I love these cameras. Very easy to install and you can live view not just on your phone but in the web too. The motion works very well. High recommended

4 Std.LikeReply
Moudlizza Rodriguez

This helps so much when I’m not home and maintenance people had to come in to be able to check my house and what they are doing Love it

6 Std.LikeReply
Jonathan Bedoya

I bought the first one to try it out. It is better than a ring device to me based on the fact that you can more the camera in a 360 degree rotation. The night vision/infrared is excellent as well.

6 Std.LikeReply

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