Does the WiFi signal booster really work?

WiFi signal amplifiers, also known as "extenders" and "boosters", are useful for extending or enhancing WiFi signals in practice.

Myth: WiFi signal amplifiers do not "amplify" signals.

Traditionally, "amplified signal" means that the input signal is amplified by professional electronic equipment without changing the frequency and is transmitted through the corresponding gain antenna to achieve greater signal coverage. So obviously, the WiFi signal amplifier here does not substantially play the role of "amplifying the signal", it just "redirects" the WiFi signal from the main router and enhances the Internet access of the main router with its own signal coverage. The quality of Internet access is enhanced by its own signal coverage. Therefore, WiFi signal amplifiers should be better known as "extenders".

Therefore, when choosing this type of product, you should pay attention to the actual features and the scope of use, and not be attracted by the fancy advertising words.

How to use a WiFi signal amplifier correctly?

WiFi signal amplifiers are usually connected to the main router in a wireless way, so the only way to achieve twice the result with half the effort is to use the device correctly.

First of all, the location of the WiFi signal amplifier must be within the signal range of the main router and be able to exchange data well with the main router.

Secondly, the location of the WiFi signal amplifier must be able to cover the extended area and there must not be too many obstacles (walls, glass, appliances, etc.) within the range.

Finally, if the area to be extended is large, multiple WiFi signal amplifiers can be used and arranged in different locations to cover the whole house with WiFi signal.